Countering doubble-taxation fraud with Ethereum


The European Blockchain Summer School 2016

My first hands-on experience with Ethereum was kickstarted at the 1st edition of the European Blockchain Summer School in Copenhagen the summer of 2016. The objective of this summerschool was to solve real-live problems fased by Maersk, Nordea & the Danish Tax Authorities within supply-chain, finance and public sector services. Attendees at the Summer School was for the most part PhD students from Europe. Through my involvement with the Ethereum Copenhagen Meetup I was lucky to take part even though I had not finished my master studies at that point in time.

Our collaboration with the Danish Tax Authorities

Throughout the Summer School I was with a few other students working with 4 representatives of the Danish Tax Authorities, to find a way to solve how their process of refunding dividend tax worked. At that point in time it had become a public news scandale that Denmark alone had paid out roughly 2 billion Euro to fraudelent actors which had not at all been entitled to a tax refund. Several other countries had as well been victims for the same scam in even greater amounts.

If you are interested in learning more about the nature of the fraud as well as our proposed solution please feel free to check out the full reserach article here here

Written on June 12, 2018